"We ensure the company's teams effectively align with the objectives of the transition process or new project"

What We Do as Interim CEOs or Interim General Managers

  • In situations involving handing down of operations, the Interim CEO assumes leadership of the company or supports the new CEO in the process of taking on the strategic and operational direction for as long as necessary to ensure organizational stability. This contribution aids in addressing the new challenges and situations faced by the new leadership.

  • The interim manager fills the vacancy in the company's General Management due to unexpected or unplanned departures. They also assist in the selection and onboarding process for the new CEO and develop and implement reinforcement, development, and succession plans for the leadership team during the transition period.

  • When the company decides to evaluate a received offer for merger/ sale, it considers the segregation of a productive unit or takes the initiative for inorganic growth of the organization through strategic acquisitions, the Interim CEO accompanies the General Management in the negotiation, implementation, and closing processes of these operations.

  • The interim manager acts as a change catalyst alongside the company's management team to analyze and implement improvements in daily operations and make strategic decisions for the medium and long term to revitalize or restructure the business areas within the company.

  • The Interim Manager assists the company's General Management in assessing financing needs through Venture Capital Funds, designing and carrying out the search, negotiation, and closure processes for the entry of these funds in Debt and/or Equity operations.

  • The interim manager takes over the company's leadership or reinforces the management team to adapt all processes to the constraints of a financial restructuring process. They also handle negotiations with entities and the hiring of professionals for the implementation and completion of the company's financial restructuring process

  • The interim manager advises the management team or board of directors on decisions regarding the development of intellectual and industrial property, providing expertise and insights into the cost/benefit/opportunity of such operations at both the national and international levels.

  • The interim manager takes charge of specific projects assigned by the board of directors in collaboration and cooperation with the company's management team.